Why is SDXL 1.0 PRO-only?

Why is SDXL 1.0 PRO-only?

A common complaint about SDXL 0.9 was that it's too expensive. By making SDXL 1.0 PRO-only, we've been able to drop the cost to 1 credit per image, meaning you can make 3x as many images for the same number of credits.

SDXL is a much larger model than the original generation of Stable Diffusion models, which makes it a lot more expensive to run. It has almost 4x as many parameters as Stable Diffusion v1, and generates images with 4x as many pixels. It also has a secondary diffusion model that refines the initial output. Free generations (i.e. any generation made with earned credits) are expensive to NightCafe, and SDXL is 8x as expensive as earlier models.

Restricting access to PRO users means it's more likely that the credits used to generate an SDXL creation have been paid for, which in turn means we can make it cheaper.

PRO memberships start at $5.99USD/month ($4.79 if you pay quarterly) and on the cheapest plan you'll be able to generate 310 images per month using credits from your PRO subscription plus free daily credits and credits from voting in the daily challenge. That doesn't include credits obtained from other badges.
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