What is Inpainting in AI and how to use it?

What is Inpainting in AI and how to use it?

What is Inpainting in AI?

Inpainting is a technique of filling in missing regions of images that involves filling in the missing or damaged parts of an image, or removing the undesired object to construct a complete image.

However with the power of AI and the Stable Diffusion model, inpainting can be used not just for restoring missing or flawed parts of the image but also for rendering something entirely new in any part of an existing image.

How to use Inpainting in NightCafe

Inpainting refers to masking your start image such that only a specific part of it gets affected by your prompt.

Inpainting is currently experimental - not everything works out well, so please be ready for some disappointing results. However we've found that it works well when evolving a creation in a workflow like the below.

  1. Create something using the "Stable" algorithm (without a start image or inpainting for now). E.g. "Portrait of a Llama, trending on Artstation".

  2. Evolve the finished version, change the prompt to "Portrait of a Llama wearing a beret, trending on Artstation". Then, create a mask by drawing over the Llama's head where the beret should go. Click "Create" and wait for it to finish.

  3. Repeat as many times as you like, adding or changing details by editing the prompt and mask each time.

Note: when you create a mask, it's saved to the particular start image you used, so you can reuse it again in the future without having to recreate it.

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