How to hide prompts?

How to hide prompts?

Hide prompts for individual creations 

You can hide prompts directly from the creation page for individual creations.

1. From the main menu bar choose
My creations page, then hover over the creation and click the three dots icon > Edit.

Or open the creation and choose edit  button from the option menu. This will open a pop-up Edit Creation  window.

2. In Comments and Copy Protection sections, set the toggle button to enable/disable other users from commenting and/or coping/duplicating prompts and start images.

Set your default publishing preferences for all creations 

To set your default publishing preferences for all creations go to your Account Settings

1. Click on the user icon in the top right corner of your screen >
Account Settings > Site Preferences > Set your default publishing preferences

2. Here you can control your default Publishing Settings.

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