Free credits questions

Free credits questions

How does the daily 5 credit topup work?

You can claim your daily topup every 24 hours by opening your notification inbox and clicking claim. Credits can be claimed once per day, at any time after midnight UTC (08:00 am in your current timezone). Please note you will not be able to claim credits for previous days even if you didn't claim them then.

All users will receive the daily topup regardless of their current credit balance, or whether they've purchased credits.

Why didn't I get credits for my Instagram or TikTok post?

Make sure your post meets all the requirements for social pages shares. 
You can see the requirements by clicking on your User Icon in the to right corner > Road to mastery > Share to social media > Details.

Note: social badges can be earned up to 10 times per day in total. A "day" is defined as 24hrs from midnight UTC. In other words, the count resets at the same time as your daily credits become available.

If you think your post meets all the requirements, but you still didn't get the badge, let us know via the Support form.

Why didn't I get credits for my tweet on twitter?

The API NightCafe used for reading and awarding tweets with credits is no longer free to use. We hope to be able to bring this feature back but for now, the tweeter badge can no longer be earned. 

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